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Medical Appointment Facilitator

$16.00 – $18.00 hourly

Meridian Radiology Services

Last Updated: 8/03/22

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Job Description

Meridian Visiting Physicians, LLC

Medical Appointment Facilitator

This position reports to: VP of Operations

These people report to this position: N/A

Internally, this position teams with: Patient Care Coordinators, Billing Specialists, Administrative Assistants, Intake Coordinators, KPI Director, Schedulers, Other RTC’s, Other MVP Directors and Leaders, and MVP Providers.

Externally, this position interacts with: MVP patients/caregivers and MVP professional contacts/vendors.

Job Purpose

The Medical Appointment Facilitator is responsible for the successful facilitation of patient appointments via telemedicine in the patients’ environment (all sites of service) for new and ongoing medical care by Meridian Visiting Physicians’ licensed clinical staff members.


General Duties

  • Contacting and onboarding identified potential new patients
  • Effectively explaining any Program Parameters and services to patients and caregivers
  • Facilitating patient telemedicine appointments with the designated medical provider staff
  • Scheduling and facilitating follow up visits in accordance with designated Program Parameters
  • Generating appropriate documentation in EMR system for provider signature and approval
  • Meeting the set standards of care for patients within the program

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Keeping accurate records and patient information within EMR
  • Entering data for new patient information both accurately and completely to all appropriate systems
  • Between patient appointments, the RTC is expected to:
    • Carry out sets of orders that can be accomplished while in the field
    • Call patients with follow up directives from the providers
    • Perform Chronic Care Management Services for designated patients
    • Perform Post Visit Calls on patients that have been recently seen
  • Facilitating the initial patient’s appointment via telemedicine while patient is inpatient in skilled community settings and in the home
    • Review expectations of designated programs
    • Complete paperwork and obtain Advanced Directives, where appropriate
    • Reviewing, inputting and verifying current medications within EMR system
    • Identify other healthcare collaborators (PCP’s, Home Health, Specialists, caregivers)
    • Facilitate telemedicine component with licensed medical provider
    • Schedule follow up appointments while with the patient
    • Obtain and document within the EMR system: vitals, chief complaint and any medication refills needed
    • Perform minor medical procedures when and where appropriate and necessary (vaccinations, assessing wounds with the medical provider, etc.)
    • Ensure each patient meets set standards of care throughout program participation
  • Remaining HIPAA compliant

Pay, Benefits and Expectations

  • The position is full-time at a base hourly rate of $15.00/hour with the expectation that the applicant is available Monday-Friday from approximately 8:00am– 6:00pm
  • For each completed exam conducted with a licensed medical provider, an additional $10.00 per billed E/M event shall be paid to the Facilitator.
    • Exams are to be scheduled to a lot for drive time and coordination of care tasks between visits, so expected scheduled daily visits should be 7-9 unique patients.
  • Full-time benefits include:
    • 6-paid holidays throughout the calendar year;
    • 2 weeks’ PTO for the first 3 years of employment;
    • Mileage reimbursement at $0.45/mile;
    • Company-issued technology required for the role.

Physical Demands

  • The Facilitator will travel throughout the workday and will likely be on his/her feet for the majority of the day.
  • Expected travel is approximately 80%-90%



  • High school diploma required, some college preferred
  • Medical certification preferred: Medical Assistant, EMT, LPN.
  • Phlebotomy certification preferred.


  • Combination of Administrative and Customer Service experience, with medical experience required
  • General medical vocabulary including common medications, terminology and conditions required

Knowledge, Skills and Characteristics

  • Ability to take vitals and perform general medical assistant duties required
  • Must be well-organized, open-minded, and flexible
  • He/she must be able to communicate well with others, work individually and as a team, and lead others by example and direction
  • Excellent written and oral skills are necessary and applicant must have professional phone and in-person etiquette
  • Strong computer skills and EHR experience required
  • Ability to multi-task and remain organized and positive throughout is a requirement
  • Applicant must be customer-service focused and have a strong attention to detail and positive, upbeat personality
  • Comfort and experience with Microsoft Office and Adobe
  • Applicant must be dependable and accountable for actions and responsibilities
  • Ability to work independently and from home with limited supervision, but significant direction, while meeting the needs and expectations of the position and patients
  • Comfort and competency to be metric and productivity driven is a must
  • Employee must have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license


The above description provides the general details considered necessary to depict the principal functions of the position, and shall be constructed as a detailed description of all the work required that may be inherent in the job. This position’s direct supervisor reserves the right to alter/add to/subtract from the above duties, tasks, and responsibilities based on necessity at any time with adequate notice to the employee.

Company Details

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Meridian Radiology performs all mobile examinations in the patient's setting, eliminating the need to transport patients from their facility or home.    Our mobile service: reduces cost associated with patient transportation reduces patient risk of exposure to illness and infection  improves patient care​ ​ Scheduling: mobi...