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Curis Functional Health

Curis Functional Health

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Functional Health is an integrative, holistic approach that uses the mind-body connection to achieve an individual’s optimal wellness. By speaking to the brain and body in their natural languages, the body’s intrinsic feedback loops and self-healing ability are triggered, restoring physical and emotional functioning. At Curis, we use mental health, chiropractic, and functional nutrition to integrate the brain, reset the nervous system, restore gut functioning and promote overall mind-body wellness.

Functional health looks at precursors, building blocks. It gets at the relationships between source and symptom. Different sources can create the same symptom and the same symptom can come from different sources. For this reason, we look at all of your symptoms and the data from your body to determine the best course of care.

Unlike many other functional health clinics, at Curis, we do not rely on one area of expertise to practice all disciplines. Since the relationship between the mind, body, and gut can’t truly be separated, we bring a team of experts in each discipline to collaborate and conspire towards personalized wellness solutions unique to each client. By collaborating between each discipline, we are able to create integrative solutions more powerful than any single discipline alone.

Mental health is the often overlooked disciplines in most functional health clinics. At Curis, we lead with a large team of mental health professionals —it is our start and finish line. We look at options from mind to body, not just body to mind. We believe this to be a more thorough approach.

Another thing that differentiates Curis from many other functional health facilities is that we are not anti-medicine. We meet you at your comfort level, offering preventative and complimentary options. Whether functional is your starting point, end game or somewhere in between, we work with all of it.

Our functional health professional’s goal is to help our patients improve their capacity to live life to its fullest. We use proven methodologies, such as psychotherapy, chiropractic, functional nutrition, and complimentary methods to accomplish your goals.